What does `not on netflix streaming for years` mean?

Put simply large media corporations are deciding they don't want people to watch their movies on Netflix so they've started appending the phrase `not on netflix streaming for years` to their trailers and advertisements. It's a marketing practice designed to make the listener want to watch the movie or tv show right now and pay a higher price to do so. The only problem is a lot of viewers have noticed that the phrase `not on netflix streaming for years` makes them avoid those movies and shows. This site is dedicated to keeping a list of movies and shows who's trailers use this or a similar phrase in their advertising for quick reference.

You might ask yourself why don't the media companies just offer the movie or show on netflix? The answer is simple: they make more money when people buy the movie or show outright. To understand this a little better we've compiled some numbers:

Netflix annual content costs: $2 billion
Number of hours people watched Netflix: 20 billion hours
Average cost per hour of content watched: $0.10 / hour
Average cost for a movie $0.20
Average cost for a tv show episode $0.07

It makes sense that media companies want to make the most profit possible and they'd rather someone pay $20 to buy their movie than get $0.10 for someone to rent it, but the reality is they're shooting themselves in the foot by advertising `not on netflix streaming for years`. It's a slimey advertising practice and frankly it makes many potential customers skip the movie all together.